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VET Results Import

The Result Import allows you to import VET results for your students in eBECAS/EDMISS.


The VET Results Import feature enables the creation and bulk import of results and assessments. This process involves uploading an Excel file containing the necessary information into eBECAS/EDMISS.

Import File Format

You should first prepare an Excel spreadsheet with the data to be imported.

Each row in the import file will update either a Result or an Assessment for that result.

  • Results Import: Records are only created. If no matching result is found, the import will fail for that row.

  • Assessment Import: The result must still exist. The Assessment is created for the result if it does not exist, otherwise it is updated.

All other fields in the import are optional and will be what is updated. If these are not in the import file, or are blank for a record, that field will not be updated.

Field Name



Student Id

Student’s unique ID in eBECAS/EDMISS.

Required - All Imports

Course Code

Either Course Code and Subject Code or Class Id is required to identify the Result

Required - Option 1

Subject Code

Class Id

Required - Option 2

Assessment Code

Assessment Code is required for Assessment Import.
If Assessment Code is supplied in the spreadsheet, that row is not imported for Results.

Required - Assessment Import

Start Date

Start Date for study in the subject.

Update Subject Results (Ignored if Assessment Code supplied)

End Date

End Date for study in the subject.

Outcome Code

The VET Outcome Code.

Outcome Name

The VET Outcome Name.

Result Status

Result Status

Result Code

Result Grade as Code

Result Name

Result Grade as Name


Mark as a simple integer(with no decimal).

Percentage Mark

Percentage Mark, with 2 decimal places.

Entry Date

Date the result was collected.


Any additional Note for the Result(This is appended to any existing Notes for this Result).


Update Assessment Results (Ignored if Assessment Code not supplied)





The Student ID, Course Code, Subject Code or Class Id are required and are used to match the import data to a Result record in eBECAS/EDMISS. eBECAS/EDMISS will look for and update the latest result for a non-cancelled enrolment matching the Student Id, Course and Subject.

Set up the Import

To set up VET Result Import, navigate to the following:
Main > Utilities > Import > Result Import.

The VET Result Import display the following form:

  1. Import File Name: Select the file to be imported. Browse for and select the file to be imported.

  2. Excel Sheet Name: Provide the Sheet Name with the data to be imported (or specify Use first Sheet to just use the first sheet of the Excel file).

  3. Header on Line: Specify which row the Headers for the import are located (generally this is the first line, though there may be other information above this such as a title). The excel file used for import must have a ‘Header’ line with the name of each column to be imported. 4. Process: Click Process File and eBECAS/EDMISS will read through the file ready to Map the data and Run the import.

The file will load and a small preview will be shown. The import is now ready for columns to be mapped to eBECAS/EDMISS.

Import the Results

Step 1 - Process File

Browse for and Select the Import Excel file.
Enter the Sheet name with the import data (or just specify First Sheet).

Specify the line Headers are on (with the field names). Generally this is line 1.
All rows beneath the header are treated as rows to be imported.

Click Process File. eBECAS/EDMISS will read the file and identify columns ready for mapping

Step 2 - Configure the Import

Specify if Results, Assessments, or both are to be imported and updated.

Map each column in the import file to a field in eBECAS/EDMISS. Ensure Required fields are mapped.

Make sure the Date Format matches the format used in the import (default is dd/mm/yyyy).

Optionally, you can add an extra import note to each imported / updated record. This will add a line to the Result or Assessment Notes with the date, file and user.

Step 3 - Run the Import

Click Run Import to finish.

The importer will report how many records were successful or failed.

Click OK to continue and commit all changes to eBECAS/EDMISS. Cancel will wind back any changes made.

You can save the results to file. This will report for each row if it was successful, and any error if not successful.

Save and Load Import Settings

Once the Excel file has been selected and processed and the fields mapped, the settings can be saved for later use. Click Save Import to save the import settings.

  • Save Import: To save the import setup to share with other users.

  • Save as Default: To save the setup as the default (for this eBECAS/EDMISS install only).

When the import is next run, click Load Import to load the Import settings. Ensure the excel file is in the same location with the same name (or browse and select the new import file). All Mapping and other setting will then be restored ready to Run the import without need for further configuration.

  • Load Import: To load a shared import setup.

Result Status, Outcome Name/Code and Result Lookups

Result Status

For updating Result Status, the column mapped to the Result Status must match the below list used by eBECAS/EDMISS.

Result Status

Not Studied

Class Assigned




Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)


VET Outcome

For Updating VET Outcomes, the Code or Name must match a value below. If the VET Code is mapped, it will always be used and the Outcome Name ignored.

VET Outcome Name


Competency achieved/pass


Competency not achieved/fail




Recognition of prior learning granted


Recognition of prior learning not granted


Recognition of current competency granted


Recognition of current competency not granted


Credit transfer/national recognition


Continuing enrolment


Not yet available at interim collection


Non-assessable enrolment - Satisfactorily completed


Non-assessable enrolment - withdrawn or not satisfactorily completed


Under pinning knowledge or off the job training


Successfully completed on-the-job assessment


School Based Assessment Only - Competency achieved/pass


School Based Assessment Only - not achieved/fail


Superseded subject


Not yet started


Result Code (Grade)

Result Codes (Grades) are setup for each college, and the name and code must match the name or code used in eBECAS/EDMISS.

Go to Utilities >Setup Configuration and then go to HE >Result Codes to view the codes and name used for Grades.

If the Result Code is specified in the import, the Result Name is ignored.

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