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Enrolment Warnings Report

This report lets you generate a list of warnings that have been issued in a data range.

Generate the Enrolment Warnings Report

Permissions Required
  • Student > Reports > Warnings

  1. Go to Reports

  2. Click Student > Enrolment Warning Report

  3. Use the filters available to specify the range of records you want to export.

    1. Date Range Filter

      • Date Range Option - Select the criteria to find records within the date range.

      • From/To - Set the period for your report.

    2. Filters

      • Warning Category - Select the warning category to filter by. If not selected, records from all categories will be included.

    3. Additional Filters

      • Location - Select the Campus Location you wish to find the records on.

      • Faculty - Select the faculty you wish to find the records on. You can select multiple faculties.

      • Course - If you wish to find results from records under a specific course, set the course here.

  4. Click Excel Merge to generate the dataset.

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