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The Flywire is a 2-way integration that lets you receive and track online payments via the Flywire platform directly in eBECAS/EDMISS.


One of the major benefits of Flywire is the College receives the invoiced amount without any bank charges or other fees. The charge is absorbed in the overseas exchange rate (calculated in real-time by Flywire). This makes the reconciliation of what is invoiced and what is paid transparent. Most other online payment methods separately charge their fees which makes reconciliation more difficult.

Our Flywire integration offer two ways to receive online payments via the Flywire platform:

  1. From the Student Portal: Students will be able to access and pay online for their invoices with outstanding amounts.

  2. By generating a payment link: A unique link can be generated and included in document, email and SMS templates.

When payments are done in Flywire, you can see and track their statuses directly in eBECAS/EDMISS.

Set up eBECAS/EDMISS for Flywire Integration

Go to Utilities > Setup Configuration > Setup > Online Payments.

Enter the Provider Code, Destination, Secret as provided by Flywire for your account and ISO 3 Code.


To select the currency that payment is made from, Flywire uses the Students country as the origin (this can be changed by the student or agent when they make a payment). Please check that ISO 3 Codes are setup for each country used in eBECAS/EDMISS and Flywire. These should be enabled and linked by default in most cases.

Go to Go to Utilities > Setup Configuration > Geographic > Countries.

The ISO 3 code will be used to link the country and currency. Review any mismatches and select the correct ISO 3 code.

Set up Student Portal for Flywire Integration

  1. Go to Admin Portal > Student Portal Settings > Online Payments.

  2. Enable Enable Flywire Online Payments for Students option and enter the details.

A default ISO 3 Country code, which will be used if a student does not have a Country with an ISO 3 Code is specified in eBECAS/EDMISS.

  1. (Optional) Set Invoice Account Payment Message for User Friendly message in Student Portal.
    This will display under the Flywire redirect button on Invoices in Student Portal.

Make an Invoice Payment within the eBECAS/EDMISS Student Portal

When enabled, the Student Portal will provide an option to make a payment from the student portal for any outstanding invoice. This is available in the student portal from the Invoices tab.

Students will see a list of Online Payments previously made listed with the status of the Payment (whether the payment has been received by the college or cancelled).

Payments made through the Portal will also be displayed in eBECAS/EDMISS. The status of payments from students can be tracked and then receipted once received (see below for details).

Payment links can be added to SMS by adding the relevant bookmarks the SMS templates.

The bookmarks that can be added are listed in the section Templates Bookmarks in this article.

Payment links can also be added to Emails by adding the relevant bookmarks the email templates.

The bookmarks that can be added are listed in the section Templates Bookmarks in this article.

Payment links can also be added to documents by adding the relevant bookmarks the document templates.

The bookmarks that can be added are listed in the section Templates Bookmarks in this article.

Templates Bookmarks

Bookmarks, relevant to the Flywire integration can be added to templates (Word, Email and SMS) for the following object(s):

  • Enrolment

  • Bulk Enrolment Statement (to be used on the Finance>Student Fees due grid)

The bookmarks available are listed below:

Email and SMS Templates

Word Templates




Default amount listed to pay (amount due)



Maximum amount that can be paid (total outstanding)



Type of Payment provider: Flywire



Customised link to the Flywire platform for the student to make the payment to the college.

Check Payments Made in eBECAS/EDMISS

You can view the payment status from Main > Finance > Online Payments.

When payment is made, you can see the receipt in the Student Enrolment Fees screen 1.3.

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