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eBECAS/EDMISS NextGen allows you to enhance your site's identity by uploading your company logo. This personalization appears on authentication pages (login, password reset) and Guest Forms, offering users and visitors a branded experience.

Permissions Required
  • Utilities > Branding > Edit Branding

  1. From the Utilities menu, navigate to Branding.

  2. You’ll see the current logo for your eBECAS/EDMISS NextGen.
    Click on the file uploader to open the file upload dialog.

  3. Choose the image file that you want to upload.

The image must be in JPG, JPEG, PNG or SVG format and should not exceed 5 MB in size.
For best results, upload an image with dimensions of 350px x 150px.

  1. You’ll see the preview of the new logo. Click on save to apply it.

  2. Check the new logo applied.


[Example] Custom Logo on the Login Page


[Example] Custom Logo on the Guest Forms

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