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The Equator CRM App offers a range of tools for capturing, engaging, nurturing, and converting prospective students into paying customers.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is vital for effectively managing interactions with potential students or other stakeholders. Integrating these features into eBECAS/EDMISS offers significant advantages:

  • It eliminates the need for separate systems, reducing the risk of duplicated work.

  • It ensures data consistency and accuracy, as there's no need to transfer data between systems, a process that can often lead to errors.

  • It allows more streamlined and efficient workflow, improving both staff productivity and student experience.

The Equator CRM App is a paid add-on. Contact your system administrator for details.

What can you use the CRM Features for

  • Create branded public forms to capture leads.

  • Create branded and highly customisable application forms that you can seamlessly convert into students and offers.

  • Record the interactions with potential students using rich text notes.

  • Engage with your potential students by sending emails or SMS within the system.

  • Create and merge custom documents for your leads.

  • Export and analyse the data for your leads and opportunities.

  • Customise your sales/recruitment pipeline and workflows with custom statuses and stages.

CRM Features Overview

The following diagram shows how you can use the features available in the Equator CRM App:



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