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Installing and Updating eBECAS/EDMISS

eBECAS/EDMISS is installed on your Windows device using an installer that you can download from a url provided by your administrator or by Equator IT. 

The eBECAS/EDMISS desktop application is only available for Windows.

Installing eBECAS/EDMISS


  • Follow the steps on this article on the device that you want to install eBECAS/EDMISS on.

  • Log into the computer using the user that will use the software on that device. Using another user or the system administrator to install the application might cause different errors when using or updating the application.

  • If your device has security restrictions set by your IT team, you might need to contact them to install the application on your device.

  1. Download the installer (a file with the extension.exe) from the url provided by your administrator or by Equator IT. 

  2. Run the installer (.exe file).

  3. Accept the licence agreement and click on Next.

  1. From the General Information screen, click Next.

  1. From the Ready to Install screen, click on Next. The installation will start.

  1. When the installation is completed, choose if you want to launch eBECAS/EDMISS and click on Finish.



We frequently release updates with new features, improvements and bugs fixes. Every time that you launch eBECAS/EDMISS, the application will automatically check for updates. If there are any updates available, it will download and install them accordingly. If the updates cannot be completed automatically, follow the instructions displayed on the screen. 

The following is the process that the application takes to update. Note that this is an automatic process and does not require your intervention unless errors occur: 

  1. When opening the app, it checks for updates.

  1. If there are any updates available, the app will download the required files and will update the current version. This process is known as 'patch to new version.

  1. When the process is complete, the app will restart and you will see that you have the latest version installed.

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