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Scheduled Class Attendance Report (VET & HE)

This report displays attendance data for scheduled academic (VET&HE) classes.

Shows the scheduled times and details for classes over the report period, as well as the students attending. 
Optionally for classes already held, the report can show absences marked for students, as well as confirmation by the teacher the schedule has been marked for that date and time in the Teacher Portal.

Use this report to create class rolls for future classes, and to track and monitor attendance for classes that have been held.

By default, the report only includes basic details of the students enrolled in the class and fundamental information about the classes. Through the options described below, Users can add desired items to the report column or narrow down the scope using filters to produce the desired results in the report.

Attendance and absence are summarized by tracking the hours a student was absent from the total hours of the class each week. This means that teachers enter the absences of students into eBECAS/EDMISS every week and confirm that the week's attendance has been monitored by teachers. Then, the Student’s Current Attendance rate is calculated by subtracting the hours reported as absent from the total hours of the class. Overall Attendance refers to the student’s total attendance rate for the enrolment.

Generate The Scheduled Class Attendance Report

Permissions Required
  • Classes > Academic > Reports

  1. Go to Reports.

  2. Click Classes > VET & HE > Scheduled Class Attendance Report.

  3. Use Filters/Options to specify the range of records you want.

    1. Date Range Filter

      • From/To - Set the classes period for your report.

    2. Filters

      • Only show Confirmed: Only includes classes where a teacher or admin user has confirmed students' attendance for that scheduled date and time.

      • Only show absences: Only includes records where students have had absences reported.

      • Class: Filter by a specific class. Click on the three dots to search/select a class, and you can cancel by pressing the 'X' button.

      • Module: Filter by a specific module (subject). Click on the three dots to search/select a module, and you can deselect by pressing the 'X' button.

    3. Options

      1. Show Enrolment Details: Add the student's enrolment information.

      2. Show Overall and Current Attendance: Add the student's current class attendance rate, overall enrolment attendance rate and details about attendance.

      3. Show Results: Add the student’s class result details.

      4. Show Absences: Add students' absence details.

      5. Show Confirmation: Add class attendance confirmation details.

    4. Additional Filters

      • Location: Select the Campus Location you wish to filter the records on.

      • Faculty: Select the faculty you wish to filter the records on. You can select multiple faculties.

      • Course: If you wish to filter results for a specific course, select a course here. Click three dots at the end to open Course Search.

  4. Click Excel Merge.

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