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User Roles

User roles are sets of permissions assigned to individual users or groups of users. These roles determine what actions a user can and cannot perform within the system.

Accessing user roles setup

  1. Log into eBECAS using your administrator credentials

  2. Go go Main -> Utilities -> User Roles

  3. The User Roles setup window will display

Creating a role

  1. Click New to open the Role window

  2. Enter the details

  3. Click Save

Some examples of Roles could be based on areas of responsibility such as Admissions, DOS, Finance – Payable/Receivable, Student Services etc.

Editing a role

  1. Search the role using the filters available

  2. Click Search

  3. Double click on the role from the results or click Modify  from the options panel

  4. On the Role window, click Modify to edit this role

  5. Update the details accordingly

  6. Click Save

Assigning roles to a user

  1. Start from the Roles tab of Edit a user

  2. Click New to assign roles to the user

  3. Search the roles to assign

  4. Select a role/roles that you intend to assign to the user

  5. Click Select to assign the roles to the user

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