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Managing Users

Whether you're looking to add, modify, or remove user profiles, this guide offers step-by-step instructions to ensure a seamless experience.

A user represents an individual who interacts with the system, while a role defines a set of permissions or privileges that can be assigned to users. Roles help streamline access management by grouping permissions into logical units.

Accessing user setup

  1. Log into the system using your administrator credentials

  2. Click on Main > Utilities > Users

  3. The User setup window will display

Creating a user

  1. From the User Details window, Click New

  2. Enter the details

  3. Click Save

Editing a user

  1. Search the user using the filters available

  2. Click Search

  3. Double click on the user or click Modify on the options panel

  4. Click Modify to edit the user

  5. Update details

  6. Click Save

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