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Enrolment Recalculate

The Enrolment Recalculation process is automated and activated by various system events; however, it can also be manually initiated for specific enrolments.


As the enrolments progress overtime, some attributes on the enrolments are updated regularly and automatically to ensure the enrolment details are up-to-date. The process to update these attributes is called Enrolment Recalculation. Although this is an automated process, it can also be initiated manually for a single enrolment.

Recalculating an enrolment manually is useful when the details for a particular the enrolment do not seem up-to-date.

Recalculate the Enrolment

Permissions Required
  • Enrolments > View Enrolments

  • Enrolments > Recalculate Enrolments

  1. Go to the enrolment of interest.

  2. Click on the dropdown button in the enrolment header and click on the Recalculate button.


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