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Enrolments can be seen as container of all the academic and financial activity that relates to a single course. Whether it is classing, results, attendance, compliance or anything financial-related, it revolves around an enrolment.

As Enrolments are created automatically as a result of accepting (converting) an Offer, it is often considered the second and last stage of the admissions process. However, enrolments go beyond admissions as they involve multiple areas including academic, compliance and finance.

Concepts and Terminology

Offers vs Enrolments

Enrolments are the product of accepting an Offer. As each enrolment has one and only one course, multiple enrolments can be created when multiple courses exists in the offer. In other words, an enrolment is linked to a single offer but an offer can be linked to multiple enrolments.

Enrolment Types

As enrolments have one and only one course, the enrolment type is determined by the type of the associated course. Depending on the course type, the data, processes and features might differ.

  1. Language Enrolment: It represent enrolments for language courses.

  2. Academic (College) Enrolment: It represents enrolments for Vocational (VET), Foundation or Higher Education (HE) courses.

Enrolments Topics

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