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Internationalization ensures that users around the globe can interact with the App in a way that feels local and personalized. This capability is crucial for delivering a user-friendly experience that respects regional preferences, especially when it comes to displaying formats and dates.


Locales focuses on adapting the display of formats and dates according to the user's regional settings. A "locale" determines how your data appears and is entered based on geographic settings.

Locales affects the following:

  • Date and time Formats: The system automatically adjusts the display of dates and times to match the locale settings.

  • Numbers formatting: Numbers, including decimal points and thousands separators, are displayed according to the locale. This ensures that numerical data, including prices and measurements, are easy to read and understand by the user, regardless of their location.

By default, there is a system-wide locale that will apply to all users. However, each individual user can update their own locale.

Multiple currencies are not supported. Changing the locale will not affect the currency or the currency symbol used in the system. All currency amounts are always displayed with the '$' symbol.

Available Locales

The following are the supported locales.


Date Format

Thousand Separator

Decimal Point


English (Australia)




31/12/2023, $1,500.75

English (US)




12/31/2023, $1,500.75

View the System-Wide Locale

The default system locale is displayed in the Company Information page.

Update User Locale

Every user can update their own locale. To do so:

  1. Go to your Profile page.

  2. Find the Locale field in the Personal Details section and choose the desired locale.

  3. Click on Update Personal Details to save.


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