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SendGrid App

The SendGrid App offers a robust and user-friendly integration for email communication. With SendGrid, colleges can easily incorporate email services into their system, enhancing their ability to connect with students and other stakeholders.

There is no additional cost to use this App. However, SendGrid might require paid credits or an active subscription to send emails through their platform.


Permissions Required
  • Utilities > Apps > View Apps

  • Utilities > Apps > Manage Apps

Before using the SendGrid app, it is necessary to set it up. This involves obtaining certain information from your SendGrid account.

  1. If you have not done already, create a SendGrid Account on the SendGrid website.

  2. Get the following details from you SendGrid account.

    • API Key

  3. Enter the SendGrid Details into the App:

    1. Navigate to the SendGrid App configuration page in eBECAS/EDMISS NextGen.

    2. Enter the following details.

      1. API Key: This is the API Key from your SendGrid account.

      2. College Prefix OPTIONAL : If entered, the From(name) will be prefixed with this value when the sender is a user (it does not apply when the sender is the college).

      3. Sender Name and Email: These are the default details for the sender.

      4. BCC Address OPTIONAL : If entered, all the emails sent will be BCC to this address.

  1. Ensure all details are correct and click on Update to save the configuration.

Sandbox Configuration


Permissions Required
  • Utilities > Apps > View Apps

  • Utilities > Apps > Manage Apps

To prevent unintended emails to be sent from your Sandbox environment, all user-generated emails will be sent an email address of your choice. This will let you use the system without sending emails to the actual recipients.

However, system-generated emails (e.g. password reset) will be sent to the intended recipients.

  1. Go to Configuration page of the SendGrid app.

  2. Enter the email address for the Sandbox Recipient.

  3. Click on Save to finish.


Test SendGrid App

Permissions Required
  • Utilities > Apps > View Apps

  • Utilities > Apps > Manage Apps

Testing your SendGrid App integration is a crucial step to ensure the app is ready to be used.

  1. Navigate to the SendGrid App’s configuration page.

  2. Click on Send Test Email at the top right.

  3. Enter the email address to send the test email to and click on Send.

  4. Check if the test email was successfully received by the intended recipient.

  5. Check the SendGrid’s help section for troubleshooting tips if the test email fails.

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