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Student Accommodation

In this article, we will explore how to access the student Accommodation requests and placements for a single student.

Currently, in the NextGen app, the Student Accommodation Module is limited to only view the Accommodation requests and placements. For all the functionality, use the Classic Desktop App.

We are working on bringing all the functionality to the NextGen App.

Accommodation requests and placements for individual students can be easily viewed from the student profile page.

The student accommodation functionality is provided by the Equator Accommodation and Transfer Services App. If you do not see the details explained in this article, contact your system administrator to make sure the App is installed.

View Student Accommodation Requests and Placements

Permissions Required
  • Students > View Students

  • Students > Services > Accommodation Services > View Student Accommodation

The Student Services tab is only available for students of type ‘Overseas’.

  1. Go to the profile page of the student of interest.

  2. Click on the Services tab.

  3. You will see the accommodation requests and placements for that student in the grid.


The options available on the accommodation grid are:

A. Refresh: Refresh the current data to get the latest values.
B. Reset View: Reset the grid configuration to the default.

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