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The Students category serves as the central hub for managing and accessing all student-related information within the system. Understanding how to effectively manage students is crucial for maximizing the benefits of the system. Explore the articles in this section to learn about each feature in detail.

Concepts and Terminology

Before delving into students, let’s grasp some essential concepts and specific terminology associated with students.

Students Type

A student can be either Overseas or Local (domestic). Depending on the student type, different options and features are available. The student type is specified for each student.

  1. Overseas Students: This type is for students that require a visa to study.

  2. Local (Domestic) Students: This type is for students that do not require a visa to study.

The student type determines several aspects within the system, including:

  1. Visa Information: Features to record and monitor visa information is only available for Overseas students.

  2. Student Services: Features to manage services such as accommodation, airport transfer, and insurance are only available for Overseas Students.

  3. AVETMISS and TCSI Data (eBECAS only): The student type also determines how AVETMISS and TCSI data is reported in the system. This ensures accurate reporting and compliance with regulatory requirements.


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