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Opportunity Builder

Use the Opportunity Builder component to let users customise their opportunities with programs, accommodation, insurance and airport transfer products.


The Opportunity Builder is a tool designed to enhance opportunities by allowing the addition of products. This component, when added to an Opportunity or Guest Form layout, enables users to add various products like courses, accommodation, and airport transfers into opportunities. Subsequently, upon conversion of the opportunity, these selected products are automatically included in the corresponding offer.


[Example] Opportunity Builder on an Opportunity Layout


[Example] Opportunity Builder on an Guest Form Layout

Add the Opportunity Builder to a Layout

Opportunity Builder is exclusively available for use in Opportunities and Guest Form objects.

  1. Navigate to the layout details page of the desired object and go to Layout Builder.


    [Example] Layout of Guest Form object

  2. Insert a Single-input row at the desired section.


    [Example] Layout of Guest Form object

  3. Drag and Drop the Opportunity Builder from the Components group.


    [Example] Layout of Guest Form object

  4. Check the layout using the Preview feature, and make any necessary adjustments.


    [Example] Layout of Guest Form object

  5. Once satisfied with the changes, press Save to complete the process.

For more detailed instruction, please reference this article: Layouts.

Products in Opportunity Builder

The products available through Opportunity Builder must;

  • have an Active status

  • be published. GUEST FORM ONLY By publishing a product, you make the product available for guests (guest users).

To configure products to be published, navigate to Utilities > Programs or Fees in the eBECAS/EDMISS Desktop App. In the details of the product you wish to publish, set the Publish status and the period you want the product to be published for.

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