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Create and Edit Students

Managing the students' information accurately and securely is paramount to not only adhere to regulatory compliance but also to streamline administrative processes.

Considerations for Creating Students

Student Type

Depending on the Student Type, some additional options will be available for those students. For example, the Visa and Insurance sections will be available only for Overseas Students. This Student Type is determined by the value of the field ‘Overseas Student' on the student details form. If the option is selected, the student is considered an Overseas Student, otherwise, a Local Student.

Create a New Student

Permissions Required
  • Students > Create Students

  • Students > Edit Students

  1. From the Main menu, go to Students.

  2. Click on New Student on the top right. A pop-up window will display.

  3. Enter New Student’s basic details.

  4. Click on Next.
    At this point the system will check if there are potential duplicates by searching for existing students that match the Last Name and the Date of Birth entered.

    1. If there are no matches, the new student will be created.

    2. If there are matches, a list of potential duplicates will display. You can either continue and create the new student, or click on the potential duplicate to view the student’s profile.

      [Example of potential duplicates when creating a new student]

When a student is created, it has the basic details provided and a Student Number assigned. You will then be redirected to continue entering the details for the new student.

The Student Numbers are assigned sequentially to new students. To change the format of this sequence, go to the article Set up the Student Number Format.

  1. Enter the rest of the details about the student.

  2. Click on Save when you are ready.

Edit a Student Details

Permissions Required
  • Students > Create Students

  • Students > Edit Students

  1. Access to the student that you’d like to update the details.

  2. Click Edit Details on the top right.

  3. Update details as you needed.

  4. Click Save to finish updating.

Add, Update and Remove a Student Picture

Permissions Required
  • Students > View Students

  • Students > Edit Students

Considerations for Adding a Student Picture

The student picture must follow these requirements:

  • Format: The allowed formats are:

    • GIF Image (*.gif)

    • JPEG Image File (*.jpg, *.jpeg)

    • Portable Network Graphics (*.png)

    • Bitmaps (*.bmp)

    • TIFF Images (*.tif)

  • Image Size:

    • Maximum Width: 640px

    • Maximum height: 640px

    • It is recommended the image is square, with equal width and height, and the student's face should be at the center of the image.

Follow these steps to add, update or remove a student picture.

  1. Go to the profile of the student that you want to manage the picture for.

  2. Click on the student picture icon.

  3. Take the intended action as required.

    1. Add: Choose a photo that meets the above requirements through the file uploader.

    2. Update: Click Update Picture. Then choose a picture and click on Update.

    3. Remove: Click on Remove Picture.

  4. Click Update to finish.

Delete a Student

Deleting students is not possible.

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