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The admissions process has two parts: Offers and Enrolments.

Offers allow you to enter details about courses and services requested by agents/students.

  • An offer is completely flexible and does not impact Financials or Classing.

  • An offer includes one or more items with fees relating to multiple course/programs, airport transfers, accommodation arrangement requests, course materials and application fees.

  • Offer items can be changed or deleted.

  • An Offer can include holidays during the period of study.

As soon as an offer is accepted, it generates an enrolment which is an accepted/converted offer. All details are automatically transferred from the offer to the enrolment. Once an offer is accepted and becomes an enrolment, the original offer cannot be changed.

A new offer will automatically generate a new offer number and will use the date of creation as the offer date. If the offer is being sent to an agent, please specify the agent and contact within the agency.

Concepts and Terminology

Before delving into offers, let’s grasp some essential concepts and specific terminology associated with offers.

Offer Type

When handling offers, the approach may vary depending on their type. For instance, with a Conditional offer, you may need to gather additional details or follow extra steps for processing compared to a Full/Unconditional offer.

To distinguish between various offer types in grids and reports, utilise the Offer Type field. Customise the available options in the Offer Type field by modifying the underlying picklist: Offer Type.

Offer Class

Every offer created belongs to one of the following classes:

  1. Offer: This class represents a standard individual offer.

  2. Offer-Invoice: This class represents an offer that was created automatically by issuing an invoice directly for an existing enrolment.

  3. Offer-Group: This class represents an offer created for a Study Group.

  • The Offer Class is assigned automatically by the system and it cannot be modified.

  • The Offer Class is displayed in Offer Class field in the Offers object.

  • Offer-invoice and Offer-Group are not yet supported in the Next Generation App. Please use the Desktop app to view and issue offers of these classes.

Visa Type

During the offer stage (for overseas students only), it's helpful to document the visa the student plans to apply for. Utilise the Visa Type field on the Offers Object for this purpose.

Please note that this refers to the intended visa application by the student and does not represent an actual visa. Therefore, the selected visa is indicative and won't be reflected as an actual visa on the student's record.

Customise the available options on the Visa Type field of the Offer Object by modifying the underlying picklist: Visas.

Offers Topics

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