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Agents play an important role in connecting educational institutions with international students. They assist the students with the enrolment process and in return, they receive a commission from the institutions for their services. Agents can be seen as external sales representatives for the institutions.

eBECAS/EDMISS have comprehensive features to manage and track the agents information efficiently. Some of these features include, but are not limited to:

  • Agent profiles with head and branch offices.

  • Documents and notes.

  • Multiple Commission management.

  • Agent counsellors and employees.

  • Tracking for offers and enrolments.

  • Tracking of agent performance (revenue, weeks, student numbers etc).

  • Tracking outstanding fees.

  • Tracking revenue for specific periods.

  • Commission calculations

  • Scheduled commission payments

  • Distinction between gross and net fees

eBECAS/EDMISS is a vital tool for colleges to manage relationships with agents, facilitating the tracking and follow-up of student offers. The system automatically calculates agent commissions and produces both net and gross offer letters. It allows colleges to efficiently communicate with agents, who then liaise with prospective students. This proactive approach ensures that offers are converted into actual enrolments, making it an essential tool for admissions, homestay, and marketing teams.


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