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Welcome to the "Users" section of our documentation. The heart of any system lies in its users, the individuals who interact, contribute, and derive value from its functionalities. This section is dedicated to understanding and managing the diverse range of users within our platform. From account creation, setting permissions, understanding user roles, to troubleshooting common user-related issues, you'll find comprehensive guides tailored to ensure a seamless user experience.


Welcome to the "Integrations" section. This section is dedicated to providing detailed guides on how our system collaborates with external platforms and tools. From syncing data, automating processes, to expanding capabilities, you'll discover step-by-step instructions and best practices for each integration.


Welcome to the 'General' section of our support centre. This section is dedicated to a broad spectrum of topics that don't necessarily fit into our more specialized categories. Think of this section as a treasure trove of information, where the unexpected can often lead to valuable discoveries.


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